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North (and South) American originators, circa 2004.

Autonomic (Ottawa)

Bruno Belluomini (Sao Paolo)

Dave Q (NYC)

DeepSix (Hamilton)

G Notorious (Boston)

Intoccabile (Montreal)

Jas Nasty (Montreal

Jeese Proudfoot (Vancouver)

Joe Nice (Baltimore)

Keith P (Dallas)

Kuma (Vancouver)

Light Touch (Baltimore)

Monkeytek (Portland)

Jason Mundo (Dallas)

Ricky Ricardo (Baltimore)

Sean C + MC Enemee (Hamilton)

Sek (Toronto)

Matt Shadetek (NYC)

Starkey (Philadelphia)

Tsunami (Ottawa)

Twizla Roots (London, ON)

UK Connection (Toronto)

Waste Management (Toronto)

Respect. Apologies to anyone we forgot.

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