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Interview: Dogzilla


In a genre where battles rhymes still rule the lyrical field, OT Crew’s Dogzilla comes with stories of STDs, prison, and the tribulations of trying to make it in the garage scene since the days of Ayia Napa.  Now, newly signed with an album on the way in 2006, Dogzilla speaks with Riddim.ca about his record deal, his crew, grafting on the pirates, and fishing trips in Dagenham.  Plus, we also get an exclusive sneak preview of the track “Memories” from his forthcoming album.

Paul: First off, thanks for the interview mate.  I know things are busy over there.  You and Danny Weed have a hit on your hands with “Hello.”  You must be pretty happy with that…

Dogzilla: Hello is one of the biggest tracks on my album, very different but effective.

P: You’ve been working hard at this for a few years now, doing raves and pirate shows.  Can you give a us a little history of your involvement in the scene?

D: I started mcing when i was about 14, it was jus a hobby with my mates, we’d go round each other’s house and have a mix and spit some lyrics and stuff. I started to take it a bit more serious when i was 18 but i went to prison for quite a while so i started writting bars. When i got out i got my first radio set on Flava FM, i was also on Deja vu FM and loads of others until i got on Rinse.

P: I hear you’ve got a record deal in the works. Are you able to tell us a bit about that?

D: Im signed to a new independent label called “NEW ERA” and my album is called “ALL IZ GOD” and should be out in the summer.

P: You belong to a larger crew called OT that’s really making some moves recently. It seems like you guys are always heading to the studio, or working on videos and releases.  Can you give us some background on OT – who’s involved and how it all came together?

D: O.T Crew was a graffing crew first of all plus a few other things i cant go into. The original O.T Crew was Dj Glamm and Mc Sier (Roll Deep), then Shotz got involved. We were all good friends from the manner. After sier decided to leave us i introduced Devlin to the scene, he’s just 16 and he’s gonna blow.

P: Now you guys hail from Dogenham (Barking and Dagenham) right?  We hear a lot about Bow/E3 when it comes to grime.  And with dubstep it’s all about Croydon.  But what’s it like in Dogenham?  I heard you guys even go camping and fishing out there, right in the middle of the city…

D: Dogenham(Dagenham) is where im from, a manner i hate but love. It’s all about being lyrical round my way, i started a trend everyone has seem to follow.

Maysebrook park is where we go fishing, its a massive park right on my doorstep, it has two lakes, in the summer we go there and get up to mad shit, sometimes the fishing gear dont even come out.

P: A lot of people have said that your lyrical style really sets you apart, that you’re much more of a storyteller than most MCs who’ve come out of garage and jungle.  Your rhymes also tend to be very personal, often dealing with difficult or painful subjects.  Why  did you decide to go that route with your vocals?  Is it a way to work through everyday problems?  What kind of reactions do you get from people?

D: Back in the day i was a very violent, aggressive mc, i needed to change that so i dug deep inside and wrote my feelings down.I had a bad upbringing and i used to keep all my feelings inside so now i shout them out. Writting for me is better than any therapy and im glad people adapt to my stuff.

Dogz and Slimzee on radio

P: Where do you see the scene going in the next few years?

D: The way the scene is going at the moment is o.k, peole are bringing albums and videos, i think it’s getting better. UK Mc’s are in other countries all the time now, we just need to push the music even more.

In the next few years i’d lke to see the sence get even bigger and hopefully some more artistic mc’s will pop up instead of all this one line crap.

P: What about the grime on the Internet?  Do you check out many of the websites?  What impact do you think it’s having?

D: I dont really look on websites but it’s a good way of getting heard around the world, it’s definetly helping.

P: What can we expect from OT in the next while?   You’ve got a mix CD and a video on the way.  And I know Devlin’s is getting a lot of attention from high places.  How does the future look to you right now?

D: The future is looking good for us lot. we’ve got a mixcd out soon then there’s the album and videos on the way.

P: Any closing messages for our readers as we head into the new year?

D: Real Recognise Real, Fakes get the **** out, big up my O.T family and all the canada manz, be out there soon for a pigz ear (Beer) soon. Safe DOGZILLA.

P: Thanks for talking with us mate.  Best of luck to you and the whole gang in the new year.

* * *

Interview by Paul Jasen. Thanks to Mikee for the making this happen.

Check out www.OTRecordings.com for the latest news and sounds from Dogzy, Shotz, Glamma and Devlin.

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