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Identify: D1


D1’s first impression on the dubstep scene was a massive one – the explosive “Crack Bong,” featured on Tempa All Stars v.2 and the core of a Loefah remix that helped define dubstep in 2005.  Since then he’s moved to the centre of the scene, getting the Youngsta seal of approval and scoring an exclusive record deal with  Tempa.  At just 18 years old, he’s already a music veteran – classically trained and surrounded by his dad’s studio gear since he was little.  Riddim.ca caught up with D1 just after the release of his most recent single.
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Who is Joe Nice?


The master of the 410 formula, the CEO of Coldness, the Baron of Beats, Bass and Boom, Mr. Minus Degree. The leader in the North American quest to preach the dubstep gospel to the masses, he’s played the legendary DMZ night in London, had Jammer and Skepta going buckwild over his plates. Despite his good fortune and acclaim coming from all corners, he’s still as humble as it comes.  Kuma checks in with the man himself.

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Interview: Hotflush Recordings


With a slew of sought-after 12″ releases in its quickly growing catalogue, London’s iconoclastic Hotflush Recordings has emerged as a key node in the rapidly mutating dubstep scene.  The rolling thunder of Eric H’s “The Lights,” the breakstep innovations of Toasty and Distance, and, most recently, Scuba’s ubiquitous “Timba” are just a few examples of the label’s recent output.  We talk with Paul Rose and El Sid about forthcoming projects, playing abroad, and the label’s embrace of the mp3 format.

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Interview: Plasticman


Plasticman is one of the leading dj/producers in the grime scene. Between running Terrorhythm Recordings, regularly playing on London’s Rinse FM, putting out a slew of tracks on a variety of labels, travelling the world, and studying music production at college, he is one very busy man, and is doing as much to promote this music throughout the world as anyone. Recently I linked up (through email) an interview with him.

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The Future Sound of. . . Croydon? (2002)

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Low End Theory

LOW END THEORY: Bass, Bodies and the Materiality of Sonic Experience (Bloomsbury, 2016)

Woofah 4

Woofah 4

We are…

Riddim.ca was founded by DJ/writer paul autonomic (aka Mr. Bump) in February 2005 as a hub for North America's nascent grime and dubstep scenes. Since then we've helped promote events across the continent and made friends around the world. Mostly dormant now, we're host to one of the web's largest collections of writing on the late-Garage dis/continuum as well as a growing collection of rare audio and scans (coming eventually).