Ridding Music Central is a magazine that integrates the artists in Canada and the entire sector with the aim to empower and support them. It was established in 1979 with the objectives of serving readers with informative, entertaining as well as addressing insightful information.

The magazine plays a huge role in informing readers across the globe, from interviewing the top Canadian artists to help them grow their careers. Our most recent features, gear, tech, and trends are well covered via the magazine to keep our fans updated.

Technology advancement has helped the magazine grows tremendously by ensuring the content is available via social media platforms. Our magazine has a website rich with content about Canadian artists and the entire music updates on music production. The diverse Canadian music podcasts and series produced per month are also posted via NWC Webinars.

Besides, we always update regular and upcoming music events of various Canadian artists across Canada and its environs. Our team of experts is tasked with producing monthly e-newsletter, music and video premiers, and more to keep our community engaged.

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