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Essential Tips On How to Play Acoustic Guitar for Every Beginner

The acoustic guitar is one of the most versatile and popular instruments. Whether you want to strum chords, fingerpick melodies, or write your songs, the acoustic guitar is a perfect place to start.
The basics are pretty straightforward, even if you’ve never played before. All you need is one of the best acoustic guitars, a pick, and the motivation to practice.
In this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to learn to play guitar, from how to hold the guitar properly to simple chords and strumming patterns.
You’ll be …

Tips to Reduce Performance Anxiety

Having performance anxiety, or what is commonly known as stage fright, is a natural occurrence. Your brain instinctively triggers fear or nervousness when faced with people you barely know. However, it is recommended that you find ways to help you overcome this feeling and be a better performer. These are some tips to help you reduce your stage anxiety.
1. Seek Medical Treatments and Supplements
You can use medical supplements like CBD edibles to help you reduce the feeling of anxiety when performing. CBD is known to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. Using this …

Best Songs About Vaping

The 5 Best Songs About Vaping

Smoking is among those pastimes that a few of Vaping suppliers enjoy doing in our spare time, whether it’s for therapy or simply letting time pass by. Vaping also comes to mind in this case. With an e-cigarette, you can perform the well-known smoke ring puffing trick and other surprising pieces of stuff.
Some musicians have successfully written lyrics about the satisfaction that we get from smoking and created tunes that even go along with this recreation. If you want to spice up your mundane playlist, check out the following list containing only the best songs about inhaling the vapor…

20 Greatest Canadian Singers

Wondering who are the greatest singers in Canada? Here is a list of the top 20 greatest Canadian singers of all time.
1. Lee Aaron
Lee Aaron developed a sense of confidence and power through participating in the epic anthems of 1984’s Metal Queen. She was ranked up in the JUNO nominations and jazz in the 2000s.
2. Corey Hart
The 1984 single “Sunglasses At Night,” hits and received good impressions from the audience resulting in a high rating. The latest release, “Never Surrender,” went viral and ranked number one in Canada and third in the US.
3. …

7 Famous Artists That You Probably Didn’t Know Hailed From Canada

You will be surprised to learn that most famous artists in the United States actually come from Canada. They include:
1. Carly Rae Jepsen
The “Call Me Maybe” is among the hits that went viral in 2012, which helped Carly gain popularity even globally. This made hit appear in the Canadian top 100 musicians, after which he promoted and was spotted at the eighth position in America.
2. Justin Bieber
Bieber’s latest hits, “I Don’t Care,” made him acquire a big name and become renowned in Canada and worldwide. The first hit, “What Do You Mean?” contributed …

2021 East Coast Music Awards to Be Held Online

According to the recent report released by the East Coast Music Association (ECMA), the dates for the virtual editions for the year 2021 have been altered because of the pandemic. The rescheduled dates will be from 9th June to 13th, 2021, and will be held online through the East Coast Music Awards platform.
The streaming of the four days’ awards will happen via the ECMA’s Youtube and Facebook channels. This is the best way to accommodate both national and global fans.
Our Music Means Business, which is the ECMA virtual industry conference session has …

Top 20 Canadian Musicians

There is significant growth in terms of the music industry in Canada. Music has contributed an impressive income in Canada, with an annual income of over 36 million. Canada boosts and honors these talents through sharing on both national and global levels.
Besides, celebrating and honoring them have yielded significant results as far as growing the music industry is concerned. Setting conferences and awards sessions have also been in the frontline in steering the artists and helping them ground their careers. Here’s is a list of the 20 Canadian musicians celebrated.

Drake- Childhood actor who turned to rapper icon…

SOCAN Awards to Recognize 24 CanCon Visionaries

The SOCAN awards this is aimed at promoting and honoring 24 Canadian artists. The 24 individuals known as the “visionaries” have made tremendous moves towards boosting and enhancing the music industry in terms of content at both national and global levels.
They have a clear understanding of the importance of safeguarding and amplifying the Canadian music which created the CanCon. The SOCAN Guardian Award will honor them since they have also been on …

Icebox Music to Develop Streaming Service for Canadian Music and Artists

Rick Levine, the founder of ICEBOX Music, made the recent update about generating the contemporary music streaming technique. This technique makes things easier, more so for the fans who want to access music via phones or laptops.
The main objectives of the services are to help Canadian music grow and reach across the globe and prioritize paying the artists fairly. The platform also aims at enhancing the music sector and empowering Canadian artists and indies….

Modal Music in Canada

Music exploration and discoveries are not ending soon. The recent report shows that most artists do not fully understand music and how it is produced. This is especially true when it comes to the production of modal music and the definitions of the diverse genres.
In Canada, modal music involves an extensive range of things that artists who have grown their careers can only fully understand. Since they have made well-informed decisions about the music industry, it becomes easy to have the modal music grow to greater heights.
In most instances, the modal music revolves around the genres and themes incorporated in a song. …