Rick Levine, the founder of ICEBOX Music, made the recent update about generating the contemporary music streaming technique. This technique makes things easier, more so for the fans who want to access music via phones or laptops.

The main objectives of the services are to help Canadian music grow and reach across the globe and prioritize paying the artists fairly. The platform also aims at enhancing the music sector and empowering Canadian artists and indies.

Through music and business education, it becomes easy to change the music in Canada and make more discoveries towards changing the entire concept. The genres and themes of the music are as well accommodated in the platform, which is a way of helping artists create and celebrate their music in a unique way. This program will make it easy for the artist to raise their funds and receive an increased payment as they progress in their career.

ICEBOX Music is creating an 8-week crowdfunding campaign to help launch the service. The campaign is intended to help raise $50,000.

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