The SOCAN awards this is aimed at promoting and honoring 24 Canadian artists. The 24 individuals known as the “visionaries” have made tremendous moves towards boosting and enhancing the music industry in terms of content at both national and global levels.

They have a clear understanding of the importance of safeguarding and amplifying the Canadian music which created the CanCon. The SOCAN Guardian Award will honor them since they have also been on the frontline as far as protecting and promoting the Canadian culture is concerned.

According to SOCAN, it became almost impossible for young Canadian artists to join the global musical revolution during the era of the Baby Boom. This is because more foreign records dominated the charts while local music was considered inferior.

The platform has helped in the generation of the homage to help leaders get the right way to channel the artist’s payment. This has also helped impact the music creators’ lives positively as they gain popularity nationally and globally. Here, the artists have a chance to grow their dreams and acquire a niche in the music industry as they earn. Growing from a young artist to getting known internationally is a concept that has attracted most artists even to have the Canadian culture preserved.

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