Smoking is among those pastimes that a few of Vaping suppliers enjoy doing in our spare time, whether it’s for therapy or simply letting time pass by. Vaping also comes to mind in this case. With an e-cigarette, you can perform the well-known smoke ring puffing trick and other surprising pieces of stuff.

Some musicians have successfully written lyrics about the satisfaction that we get from smoking and created tunes that even go along with this recreation. If you want to spice up your mundane playlist, check out the following list containing only the best songs about inhaling the vapor:

  1. Puff, the Magic Dragon (Peter, Paul & Mary)

An exceptional folk song recorded in 1962 and released the following year, Puff tells the story of an ancient creature in a fictional land by the sea. Don’t let this trivia deceive you though. Many speculate that this track includes references to recreational substance use, most particularly smoking marijuana.

Despite its overall innocent tune, Puff is still highly regarded as a childhood fave among fans. Just like the titular dragon, feel free to take some puffs and breathe it out in a large cloud while you listen to this classic. Do not miss out on this one-of-a-kind trippy experience.

  1. Get Off My Cloud (The Rolling Stones)

Sometimes, we all need recreational time for ourselves. If you are looking forward to vaping all by yourself without any hint of disturbance, listen to this tune, set it on repeat, make large smoke clouds, and show your lone wolf attitude.

This blues-rock track by the English band is perfect for those who want to take a few uninterrupted puffs and show off their rebellious side at the same time. The title says it all.

  1. Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple)

Highly regarded as one of the greatest classic rock songs of all time, “Smoke on the Water” tells a true story about a fire that destroyed the entire Montreux Casino in Switzerland, where Deep Purple planned to record their album Machine Head.

Trivia aside, this song is easily recognized by its timeless, catchy riff, long intro, solid buildup, and rocking blues style. The track’s pace is suitable for hanging out with friends and starting a chill puffing session without a care in the world.

  1. Misty Morning (Bob Marley and the Wailers)

Everyone familiar with Bob Marley and the Wailers associates the iconic reggae band with the Rastafarian way of life and smoking weed. The wholly vibrant calypso beat of Misty Morning, from their tenth album Kaya, is guaranteed to make vapers immerse in the song and reflect deeply on the album’s philosophical subject matter.

If you want a more relaxed vibe accompanied by a playful beat while smoking a joint or vaping, this reggae track will make a great addition to your repetitive playlist.

  1. Vapour Trail (Ride)

Finally, this shoegazing alternative rock track from the British band Ride is best listened to when using your e-cigarette with your buddies on an aimless outdoor adventure.

You’ll never miss the instrumental part near the song’s conclusion, which serves as the cue for creating large vapor clouds and leaving behind unforgettable trails.

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