There is significant growth in terms of the music industry in Canada. Music has contributed an impressive income in Canada, with an annual income of over 36 million. Canada boosts and honors these talents through sharing on both national and global levels.

Besides, celebrating and honoring them have yielded significant results as far as growing the music industry is concerned. Setting conferences and awards sessions have also been in the frontline in steering the artists and helping them ground their careers. Here’s is a list of the 20 Canadian musicians celebrated.

  1. Drake- Childhood actor who turned to rapper icon
  2. Broken Social Scene- Major alt-rock collective band with Arts & Crafts label
  3. Shawn Mendes- A guitar mastery and talented in vocals
  4. Rufus Wainwright- passionate about the folk sensation
  5. Daniel Lanois- A renowned music producer and composer
  6. Diana Krall- well-known jazz performer
  7. Gordon Lightfoot-an icon of Canadian culture and folksong writing.
  8. Cowboy Junkies- talented in introspective songwriting and genre classification
  9. Leslie Feist- a well-known and popular Canadian singer and songwriter
  10. Joel Plaskett- talented singer-songwriter with lyrical homage
  11. Blue Rodeo-sound roots rocks which involve the two-part harmonies
  12. Arcade Fire-vocals blending with baroque pop and rock sounds
  13. The Guess Who- A renowned group with amazing soulful vocals
  14. Ron Sexsmith-an icon in singer-songwriter
  15. Justin Bieber-famous for dominating the pop culture in Canada
  16. KD Lang- renowned torch and twang singer.
  17. Al Tuck- talented folksinger and songwriter
  18. Bryan Adams-talented in hard-rocking hits such as ‘Cuts Like a Knife’ and ‘Summer of 69.’
  19. The Tragically Hits-known for the clever lyricism and roots-rock aspects
  20. Bruce Cockburn- talented singer-songwriter

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